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Where Do You Take Your Sheet?

Sheets™ Brand Energy Strips is the NEW way to do ENERGY!

Sheets™ is basically a breath strip meets an energy drink. Simply place a Sheet™ on your tongue and they DISSOLVE IN SECONDS! Sheets™ are individually-wrapped, fast dissolving and loaded with B-Vitamins. They have NO sugar, NO calories, and pack a refreshing kick! Sheets™ taste great, have NO carbs, need NO water, wont spill or melt and leave NO bad aftertaste.

Sheets™ are available on in a 10-pack Cinnamon Rush, Mint Boost and Berry Blast flavors for $5.95

So… who Sheets™? Plumbers, Nurses, Doctors, Truckers, Lawyers, Power Forwards, Rappers, Skaters… Everyone Sheets™! Co-Founders include LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, Ray Rice and Pitbull. Check out our great banner ads using our Co-Founders! Who wouldn’t click on a LeBron, Pitbull or Ama’re ad saying “I TAKE A SHEET AT HALFTIME?”

I absolutely LOVE Sheets and can’t live without them!  Ready to join the others and take a Sheet?  Click on the Sheets image on the sidebar of my blog and place an order today!

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ABBA You Can Dance for Wii

Gold: Greatest Hits (ABBA album)

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CD re-issue with ABBA logo.

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Español: Winter Garden Theater, mostrando el m...

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Mamma Mia (song)

Image via Wikipedia

Mamma Mia (song)

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Hello Friends!

As many of your know, I am a member of Crowdtap and I frequently have the opportunity to try new products out and review them on my blog!  I was recently selected to sample the NEW ABBA You Can Dance game for Wii. So I hosted a Super 70’s Party and…

I unleashed my Inner “Dancing Queen” and let the party begin!  This new game for Wii was formed by the creators of Just Dance (you’ve seen the commercials)…

The Wii game has three different choices when it comes to how you want to play:

1. Dance — My personal fave!

2. Mini-Musical — I felt like I was starring in Greece!

3. Karaoke — Sing along to all of your favorite ABBA tunes!

Even though ABBA became popular before my time, I am familiar with a lot of their music.  I love the ABBA-inspired movie Mamma Mia, and I recently saw the stage show too!  Yes…ABBA music is officially stuck in my head for awhile!

Although we had a total of 5 people in attendance at the Dance Party, a few opted out of the pictures, but I think you will enjoy the goofy pictures of “yours truly,” along with my boyfriend’s kids, Tyler and Sarah…together we brought the 70’s back!

After playing this game, you too will feel transformed back in time to the 70’s!  I am sporting my free ABBA tee shirt in the pics, and I also received an ABBA Greatest Hits CD!


Disclaimer:  These dance moves are NOT as easy as they look!

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Ashton Kutcher on “Two and a Half Men”

Ashton Kutcher at Time 100 Gala

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Wow! Ashton Kutcher lands role on “Two and a Half Men!” I can’t think of a more perfect fit for this role!

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Charlie Sheen is Always Winning!

Charlie Sheen - ad
Check out the Top 11 Charlie Sheen Songs by clicking on the picture above!

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The Daily Cramp!

The Daily Cramp - Sponsored Post

Society for Women's Health Research Logo

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I love it! TheDailyCramp helps you understand your girl’s crazy cycle…hysterical and so needed! This is a must see for all you guys out there! Remember, “I’m not possessed, it’s PMS!”


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Japan Firm Hopes to “Boost” Tourism With “Welcome” Bra!


The blue, bustier-style garment by Triumph aims to promote tourism and has a holder on the stomach for images of major tourist spots such as Mt. Fuji.

A matching skirt flips up to reveal a map of Japan.

Buttons on the bustier, when pushed, play messages saying “Welcome to Japan” in English, Korean or Chinese.

“A new international airport terminal has just opened in Tokyo, and the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has been increasing recently,” said Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda.

“We came up with this bra in the hopes of further boosting tourism, and the economy, in Japan.”

The bra, whose Wednesday launch came just before 20 world leaders fly into Japan for this weekend’s APEC meeting, is the latest concept design for Triumph. It is not for sale.

Previous efforts have included a solar-powered bra and a rice-growing bra, which came complete with two plant pots, soil and seedlings.



Who’s ready to visit Japan?

She is very cute!

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Old Spice Guy Makes Twitter Fan’s Marriage Proposal! [VIDEO]

Old Spice Guy Makes Twitter Fan’s Marriage Proposal! [VIDEO] 


Old Spice 

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