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Old Navy Active-wear Sample Share

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Hello Friends!

I was recently selected to participate in my 4th Old Navy Sample Share via Crowdtap! This time, I got to bring 1 friend with me to Old Navy to try on and model their Active-wear items including the Compression Tops, Jackets and Dry-Fit pants.

I have always been a huge fan of Old Navy’s Active-wear line and I love to work out, so this was a “Win Win!” I selected black cropped dry-fit pants with a bright pink stripe down the side, along with a long-sleeved black compression top with cute little zip pockets. Jennie selected black dry-fit pants with a cute, fitted zip up jacket.

We are officially ready for some cold weather and to hit the gym in style thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap!

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KCKool’s Reviews: Old Navy In-Store Summer Shorts Party

I'm on Old Navy Stylista!
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Hello Fashionistas!

I was recently selected by Crowdtap as a member of the Old Navy Style Council. You may have seen some of my other reviews, photos and blog posts for Old Navy Spring Dresses and for an Old Navy Accessory Party.  This time I was asked to invite 3 friends via a Facebook event to an Old Navy store to try on and model Summer Shorts, Tops & Accessories.  And let me tell you we had a blast taking our “Stylized Look” pictures!

Let me first introduce myself…


I'm modeling a sleeveless white mesh top, navy flowered shorts & khaki sandals!

And now for the ladies…

Jen is sporting a purple capped-sleeve top, white knee-length shorts & fun sandals!

Jennie is showing off her green strappy tank, black shorts & adorable black sandals!

Sam is rocking a flowery sleeveless top with grey shorts & funky espadrilles!

   I’m a frequent Old Navy shopper and a definite fan of the brand.  I think the best part about bringing friends to Old Navy and being a part of the Style Council, is that there really is something for everyone!  Old Navy carries such a wide variety of summer clothing, shoes and accessories, that you can’t go wrong.

We are a Family! I've got a dog!

Everyone wants to be an Old Navy Mannequin and be a part of the Family right?

Like what you see and want to be a part of Crowdtap too?  Earn points and cash towards an gift card and/or donate a portion of your earnings to a charity of your choice!

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I love being a Crowdtapper!


This review was brought to you by KCKool.  Be sure to find me on Twitter too!

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Old Navy

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Join Team KCKool! Why I Love Social Media Marketing: Sponsored Tweets, WeReward And More!

Social Media Marketing

Hey guys!  As many of my Twitter followers know, I am a huge advocate of all things Social Media!  I work in Marketing and live and breathe Social Media in both my professional and personal life.  I was first introduced to MySpace years ago and I thought it was pretty cool…but when Facebook and Twitter came around, I was a changed woman!  It may sound crazy, but so many amazing opportunities, friendships and more have come from my involvement in the Social Media world.  So, I want to share with you all of the positive things that it has brought to me and I hope that you’ll join my team, have fun and earn some money too!

What I am the most proud of, is that I organized a TweetUp in New York City and I live in Atlanta, Georgia.  How did I pull this off, you ask?  Well I networked like crazy on Twitter and Facebook and the event went viral!  You can find the event on Twitter at the hashtag – #NYCTweetUp.  The official event is also on Facebook at NYCTweetUp.  I currently have 57 RSVPs to the event, but when I hit 50, I became eligible to apply for a Sponsored TweetUp with a company called IZEA out of Orlando, Florida.  I of course applied, and got the sponsorship!  I have a $250 Visa Debit Card to use towards food & drinks at the TweetUp,  a Banner, Tee Shirts, Stickers & more!  Sponsored Tweets, one of IZEA’s platforms, is also featuring an official blog post on the event on their site.  Check it out here.

In addition to getting my TweetUp sponsored, I have won several contests on Twitter and won all sorts of prizes.  My favorite is probably my fab gym bag and I’m kind of jealous of the sweet Social Media tee shirt that my boyfriend just scored!  I also networked with one of my Twitter followers and she asked me to edit her Press Release on her new book!  And…she loved my work and paid me via PayPal.  So, what Team KCKool is all about is making some extra cash!  I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, so I gave it a whirl and it took some time (trial and error) to figure out which Twitter platforms were legit and how I could get paid via my PayPal account.

Here are my referral links and I hope that you’ll join me here!


  • Easiest site to get started on – simply “Like” things and post to your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and/or blogs.  You get paid every Friday via Paypal for your weekly earnings.

Sponsored Tweets:

  • Advertisers send you ads, promos & info and you choose which ones you want to tweet & get paid per tweet & clicks – Company is IZEA based in Orlando, Florida


  • You need to have an iPhone, Android or Blackberry for this mobile application & you get paid for taking photos when you check- in places similar to FourSquare – You can choose to share your pics & check-ins on FourSquare, Twitter or Facebook – Company is IZEA based in Orlando, Florida


  • Advertisers send you ads, promos & info and you choose which ones you want to tweet & get paid per tweet & clicks – Company is based out of Germany


  • Advertisers email you with ads to rewrite and publish on Twitter.   You are paid per post, not per click.   Some ads can be posted multiple times and you will get paid for each one


  • This site allows you to join conversations and give your opinions about a variety of current topics & you earn points and get paid for responding – Your earnings are paid via an gift card & a portion goes to charity


  • This site is an opinion and ideas forum where individuals ask questions and you choose if you’d like to answer and provide your ideas – You get paid when you win the best idea and sometimes just for providing an idea

  • This site is the new PayPal in beta testing form – You get $25 free just for signing up + $10 for every referral who signs up – Visit daily to rack up more cash & help test this new site


  • This site is great for online shoppers – You earn cash back for all of your online purchases from all top retailers like Gap, Harry & David, Bebe, Best Buy, Target, Apple & hundreds more

InboxDollars:  Copy and paste this URL into your browser –

  • This site is easy & fun – You get paid to take online surveys, read emails, play games, clip coupons & more

I hope that you will visit the links above and check them out!  If you like Social Media like me, I think you’ll find this a lot of fun and it’s easy to make some extra cash too!  Please let me know if you have any questions once you’ve visited the sites.  As always, you can find me on Twitter here.

Thanks for all of the love!

Join Team KCKool!


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