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Where Do You Take Your Sheet?

Sheets™ Brand Energy Strips is the NEW way to do ENERGY!

Sheets™ is basically a breath strip meets an energy drink. Simply place a Sheet™ on your tongue and they DISSOLVE IN SECONDS! Sheets™ are individually-wrapped, fast dissolving and loaded with B-Vitamins. They have NO sugar, NO calories, and pack a refreshing kick! Sheets™ taste great, have NO carbs, need NO water, wont spill or melt and leave NO bad aftertaste.

Sheets™ are available on in a 10-pack Cinnamon Rush, Mint Boost and Berry Blast flavors for $5.95

So… who Sheets™? Plumbers, Nurses, Doctors, Truckers, Lawyers, Power Forwards, Rappers, Skaters… Everyone Sheets™! Co-Founders include LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, Ray Rice and Pitbull. Check out our great banner ads using our Co-Founders! Who wouldn’t click on a LeBron, Pitbull or Ama’re ad saying “I TAKE A SHEET AT HALFTIME?”

I absolutely LOVE Sheets and can’t live without them!  Ready to join the others and take a Sheet?  Click on the Sheets image on the sidebar of my blog and place an order today!

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