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“The Untrendy Girl” Blog for Women

Introducing “The Untrendy Girl” blog for Women:   From how-to beauty tips & makeup before & afters to inspirational stories for women

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Featured Post by Evan Katz:Is It Harder For Attractive Women to Trust Men?

Way to go Evan!  This blog post is 100% accurate and very well written.  I would love to hear comments on this one!

If you’re an attractive woman who has spent countless hours wondering whether a man is interested in you or just interested in sex, I feel your pain. It’s a conundrum that pervades your entire life and shades your entire view of men and dating. And although this is rarely done in the mass media (wait, YourTango IS mass media, right?) today, I’m going heap some sympathy on the pretty girl.

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Blog Poll: Who will Ali the Bachelorette Choose from the Final 2?

Click on each picture below to be directed to individual bios before you vote in the poll!  My vote was Roberto but now I’m leaning towards Chris!


 The Final 2:  





For more information on the show and to watch previous episodes, click here!  

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Benefits Package? This about says it all! Pic!

Brought to you by the one and only,

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Sex and the City 2 Premiere Preview is HERE!

Sex and the City 2 Premiere Preview is HERE!

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A movie review of SATC 2 compliments of Laura…

Sex and The City 2

The four fabulous women that stole our hearts are back! While they have had their ups and downs throughout the years, one thing has always stayed the same – their friendship. That’s the reason why we fell in love with these women and that’s what this movie is all about. A light-hearted and funny film that takes Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda on a new journey. Don’t worry, the boys are back in town too, but long ago the girls knew who their real SOULMATES were – each other!

While the first movie wrapped up the major story lines, SATC 2 was fun and exciting. The writing not only gets better, but more hilarious with time We see a new openness with all the characters and connections on levels that they didn’t even know they had. So grab some Cosmopolitan’s along with your $200 shoes and your Birkin bag and great ready to have a great time with four of your favorite friends!

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Post from Cereal Daters: Things I Learned from My Last Non-Relationship

I hope you all enjoy this article from Kerry Crenshaw as much as I did…leave your comments!

Here’s my favorite takeaway:

Waiting period: Not for sex… Still don’t believe in those. You should just do it when you get ready (I mean just not too soon)

I’m saying there should be a waiting period on letting him into your life. I knew this already but its been four years since I was even tempted to share my heart with someone… So I guess maybe, he caught me off guard?

He made me very comfortable and it just felt right but now I know I need to make a conscience effort to stop that from happening again by enforcing some rule, some time restriction.


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6 Ways To Satisfy Women In Bed From

Had to share this great article from Enjoy!


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The Top 10 Guide to Dating in Atlanta

Atlantans:  This “Top 10 Guide” was written by EHarmony staff and is directed towards single professionals living in “Hotlanta.”

I’ve added my own commentary to parts of this article below.  Do you agree with EHarmony’s tips??  I feel like their article focuses more on how to “prepare” yourself as a single in Atlanta.  I do like some of the dating/social ideas though!




9) Let’s get Ready to Rumble! Atlanta by Night –This one is my fave!

CosmoLava (45 13th St., NE., 404-873-6189).  This house-turned-lounge serves up some top-notch strong drinks in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.  The large crowd mingles and is flirty, and there are 30 different martinis to choose from.  A rather tony, “in” place to go and to be seen.  Dress up, but not overly.

My Review:  I’m a huge fan of CosmoLava and have been for years!  Ladies:  I would suggest wearing a fun dress or a cute top & skirt with heels.  Gentlemen:  Go for a trendy shirt with nice jeans or slacks.  The best part of this club is that there are multiple levels and you can enjoy different types of music.  You can enjoy Top 40, 80’s music & Funk & Hip Hop all in one place.  You are always guaranteed good music and a great time!  Definitely try the martinis!  If you’re not a big dancer or clubber, that’s OK because there are plenty of areas to sit, drink and chill with friends.  CosmoLava also accepts reservations for Private Parties/Events.  It is a great venue to hang with the girls and guys, spend a birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party, or go on a fun, dancing date–but not a first date!


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Top Sex Tips from pinkTrickle!

OK guys, I had to share this one! Great article from my friends at pinkTrickle! Spice up your sex life today!


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Put a ring on it…and not the kind you’re thinking!

Put a ring on it!

The Chicago Tribune talks about the female condom.  This article features Zoe Lehman, who at 23 is considered a “sexpert.” For those of you that are new to this term, as am I lol it’s basically a “sex expert.” Hmmm…23 and a “sexpert?” Thoughts?

What I really want to know from my female readers, “Would you wear a female condom?” It’s 2010, but personally I’m still going to stick with the old school contraception!,0,1956828.story.

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