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Featured Post by Evan Katz:Is It Harder For Attractive Women to Trust Men?

Way to go Evan!  This blog post is 100% accurate and very well written.  I would love to hear comments on this one!

If you’re an attractive woman who has spent countless hours wondering whether a man is interested in you or just interested in sex, I feel your pain. It’s a conundrum that pervades your entire life and shades your entire view of men and dating. And although this is rarely done in the mass media (wait, YourTango IS mass media, right?) today, I’m going heap some sympathy on the pretty girl.

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Put a ring on it…and not the kind you’re thinking!

Put a ring on it!

The Chicago Tribune talks about the female condom.  This article features Zoe Lehman, who at 23 is considered a “sexpert.” For those of you that are new to this term, as am I lol it’s basically a “sex expert.” Hmmm…23 and a “sexpert?” Thoughts?

What I really want to know from my female readers, “Would you wear a female condom?” It’s 2010, but personally I’m still going to stick with the old school contraception!,0,1956828.story.

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Online Dating Site Commentary!

If you’re like me and you’ve been single long enough to have tried 1, 2, 3 or more online dating sites, I’m sure you can commiserate with me and relate to some of my stories.  Now that I look back on my experiences, I can truly laugh about it all.  I will follow this blog post with a poll so you can vote on your favorite online dating sites (paid and free).   Here are a few of the sites that I have tried and my commentary to go along with each one! One of my craziest dating mishap stories follows!

  • – My experience is that this is more of a “hook up” and “networking” site than anything else.  The men I met on this site were interested primarily in hook ups, casual dating, casual sex etc… of course there are always exceptions to the rule.  I also think that you need to be clear as to what you want and what you’re looking for.  I like the fact that you can view profiles on this site and choose who you want to chat with.  There is also quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to building your profile page.   I do know couples that have met on this site and are now happily married, so anything is possible!
  • EHarmony – This site is one of the more expensive ones, and you really need the time to fill out their survey which takes approximately an hour.  I do know people that have met on this site and are in successful relationships.  What I didn’t like was that the site chooses who to match you up with based on your profile survey.  My problem with that is that you may be compatible based on your interests and personality; however that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are physically compatible.  I also found that the men on this site are generally a bit older than on some of the other sites, but they tend to be looking more for relationships than just casual dating.
  • SinglesNet – This is a free site that I stumbled on and decided to give it a whirl.  The quality on this site in my opinion is few and far between, but then again it is free.  There’s not much that you can do on this site when it comes to creating a profile.  Your options are bit narrow, but I have met a few quality guys on this site.

And now what you’ve been waiting for a mishap stories!  This story takes the cake!  I’m sure I’ll add more stories as I go, and I look forward to hearing yours too!

My Story!   I was actually contacted by a guy on Facebook (hence my 1st mistake)!  His profile picture looked good and we had been chatting via Facebook email for some time.  We finally decided to meet at Starbucks for a coffee one afternoon.  When he got out of the car to meet me, I didn’t recognize him.  I hadn’t looked at his picture on Facebook that day, so naturally I didn’t think anything of it.  But after closer examination, I realized that he was a redhead (as am I), but his hair was brown in his Facebook pic.  I asked him about it, and he replied, “Oh, that picture was taken back when I was in college.”  Despite the picture snafoo, I realized immediately that I wasn’t interested.  While sitting across the table from my date, he proceeds to ask me if he can “kiss me,” to see if there is any “chemistry” between us.  How bold can you get?  I said to him, “I don’t need to kiss you…I can tell perfectly fine from across the table that I’m not interested.”  It gets worse people!  Then he asks me if he can “go down on me!!!”  This is at Starbucks!  WTF?  Needless to say, that date was OVER!  It turns out that he lied about his name, and he used his friend’s name and picture on Facebook to try to lure in girls!  I certainly learned my lesson on that one!

I look forward to hearing your comments and stories too!

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Embarrassing Sex Stories – True funny moments to laugh at!

Embarrassing Sex Stories – True funny moments to laugh at!.

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Would you pimp yourself out for money?!?

A man walks up to a woman and asks, ‘Would you sleep with me for $1,000,000?’
She quickly replies, ‘Yes.’
So then he asks, ‘Would you sleep with me for $20?’
Astounded by the question she says, ‘Of course not. What kind of woman do you think I am?’
He says, ‘Well we’ve already determined that. Now I’m just working on a price.’

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